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To start with a "definition", Carpathian Ethno Store was born out from the desire of connecting the craftsmen from all historical regions of Romania with those of us who are present online and love everything about authentic traditions. A community without boundaries, connected with the same invisible tricolor cord. A large community ... as a real Romanian heart! Few months ago, it was an idea. Slowly, it grew like Prince Charming, thanks to people who simply love Romania. We started by thinking about the people who might be like us: to like the taste of wine from a pot of clay, to have in the kitchen wooden spoons and wear, from time to time, some traditional clothes. Not because it is fashionable, but because we love them. To give to their foreign friends some present from “home”. To wish each other "Happy Birthday" by December 1, to respect their parents and godparents, to honor holidays. No matter how far away they are. At this point, we are already an online store with products from Oltenia, Moldova, Transylvania and Bucovina. We are sure you’ll like them, as much as we do. With each product you buy, you ensure the continuity of tradition from a small workshop in a Romanian village. In the future, we want to be more than that. We want to become the place where you will find your childhood village as it once was: its story – which you will read on our Ethno Blog – its products, recipes and images. We want to be - no matter how strange it sounds ... - the first online Romanian village.
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