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This site uses cookies. You have probably seen in some sites warning that you must have cookies enabled in your browser, so you can visit its website and enjoy all the facilities of the site. The cookie is related to a mechanism by which a web site can identify visitors so that they can provide custom pages or specific features for registered users. Basically, when a web site using cookies, it sends the visitor's browser a small set of data that is stored on a visitor's computer, including temporary work files on the Internet. Usually, the data included personal data submitted by visitors to its registration as a user of the site. The next time you enter the site on the same computer, the cookie data is sent to the site and loading page can be based on these data. Therefore, it happens that you see in some custom pages, your visitor name or you can keep your options for what you want to see in that page. Because a cookie works with personal data, exists the risk that the data reach unauthorized persons, or the mechanism to be used improperly by sites with dubious intentions. Therefore, any powerful browser includes the ability to disable this mechanism. If the mechanism is disabled, the browser refuse cookies to store data, but then the user cannot benefit from the facilities involved. It is well, therefore, to know about the existence of this mechanism and choose whether you use it or not. If you are worried about it, you can leave permanent active cookie mechanism - as it is usually the browser installation. If you want to be very cautious, you can turn off completely. If you want only to block certain sites, you can temporarily disable it before visiting a particular site, and enable it later or - if the browser allows - you can specify a list of sites where you do not want to be accepted cookies. The way in which the data is stored and handled in cookies may vary depending on your web browser and its version. For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 allows you to view and manage cookies from the Tools menu, if you click on Options and enter the General section. Here, Delete Cookies button lets you delete all cookies at once stored on your disk. This may result in some lost passwords as entry sites automatically saved in your computer, and you will have to write them and the next visiting those sites. You can still choose to delete just one cookie, for a given site, and you can do that if you click the Settings button and then click View Files. You will see a list of temporary Internet files, in which some start with Cookie. Looking through them that cookie for the site you are interested in, right-click it and choose Delete from the menu. This operation is useful when a site gives you an unexpected error that could be saved due to a defect cookie. By deleting cookies, the site will send you a new cookie, so you could visit it without errors. Common options for operating with cookies MSIE 6 can choose to Tools / Options / Privacy. You can choose a predefined level of privacy ("Privacy"), moving the cursor to the box called Settings, or you can manage the operation of cookies for specific sites using the Edit button in the frame Websites. In the box, there is a button - Import Settings - with which you can import the privacy options from a file, and another - Advanced - button allows you to quit predefined privacy levels to create its own set of options for dealing with cookies.
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